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Purchase # 15, 16, 17 & 18

These 4 purchases brought another 16 titles into my collection.  That is it for 2014 and for a good while into 2015 too, news my credit card will be very happy to hear 🙂

DVD Planet provided the first two orders, this included $5 off the first one due to me leaving the items in the cart overnight and not checking out.  With my first purchase I picked up:

Harold and Maude

Harold & Maude

The Fire Within (see Review here)

The Fire Within

Letter Never Sent

Letter Never Sent

Red Balloon / White Mane (already watched before this purchase)

The Red Ballon

White Mane

This was followed by:

The 400 Blows (already watched – Masterpiece)

The 400 Blows



The Children Are Watching Us

The Children Are Watching Us

The Devil’s Backbone (already watched before this purchase)

The Devil's Backbone

Mon Oncle Antoine

Mon Oncle Antoine

Sadly the case for The Children Are Watching Us was badly damaged when it arrived.  A quick email to the DVD Planet Customer Service and a replacement was quickly dispatched.

Purchase # 17 was from Barnes & Noble during their 50% off sale.  Here I picked up:

Monsieur Verdoux

Monsieur Verdoux

La Promesse

La Promesse

Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave

Final purchase, # 18 was made direct with Criterion and I finally got to use my complimentary $10 voucher I was given by them in March.  I bought:

Blow Out

Blow Out

Master Of The House

Master of The House

The Big City

The Big City

Eyes Without A Face

Eyes Without A Face

As usual, the titles are a mixed bag of genres and I also continue with my new idea of purchasing films I have already watched but deemed worthy of a another look and place on my shelf.  My shelf now has 36 unwatched Criterions so, as I said at the start, no more buying for me whilst I catch up and get writing my reviews.  On top of the 36 here I also have a films from my other Blog to catch up on too.  I am going to be busy busy busy.

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Purchase # 11, 12, 13 & 14

I really thought that I had already published Purchases 11 and 12.  Obviously that was incorrect so here they are, along with # 13 & 14 which I have also made.

Around the Christmas period Cineplex Store had a great deal on offer for Canadian customers.  Not only were the DVD’s & Blu-rays discounted, if you spent $15 or more you received a free movie ticket.  I always have Criterions waiting to be bought so in order to maximise the free cinema tickets I placed 2 separate orders.

Purchase # 11 was the Stanley Kubrick anti-war classic, Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

Purchase # 12 followed a few days later and again I bought a title from a legendary Director, this time Japanese master, Ozu.  The film, family drama Early Summer

Early Summer

A few months went by before I made purchase #13.  As they did in October last year, Criterion held another 24 hour “Flash Sale” on their website.  My “Wish List” was consulted and I purchased the following:

Louis Malle’s debut

Elevator to The Gallows

The winner of this years Oscar for Best Foreign Film

The Great Beauty

Sibling drama set on a French country estate

Summer Hours

Kieślowski’s international breakthrough


There is a story to tell about the order from Criterion.  As a bonus this year they were going to post 20 Golden Tickets into random orders with the prizes ranging from a free t-shirt to a trip to the Criterion Store room in New York.  As I had ordered The Great Beauty and it was not actually released until 25 March this meant that I had no chance of winning a ticket 😦 I enquired with Criterion and they confirmed that I would not be winning a ticket.  As a gesture of goodwill they gave me a $10 gift voucher towards my next purchase, a lovely token that will come in useful.

My final purchase comes from a company I never used before, Deep Discount, I have though read reviews from people who have used them to make purchases.  Usually their prices are not as good as the 50% offered by the Barnes & Noble sales and occasionally Amazon.  When I add on the shipping charges to Canada it is usually not worth ordering.  However, on “Tax Day” 15 April they offered 15% off their prices.  Quite a few Criterions were already discounted so when I added the additional saving the prices came to 50% or more off.  The next Barnes & Noble sale is not due until July so I thought that I may as well take advantage.  This is what I bought from Deep Discount:

The Klondike classic

The Gold Rush

The on-the-run assassin

Branded To Kill

Great Depression survival story

King of The Hill

A Brother & Sister story in a haunted house

The Uninvited

I will now give my credit card a rest until the next 50% Barnes & Noble sale which will hopefully be some time in July.  Meanwhile, keep checking for my reviews, there will be a new one soon.

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Criterion Collection Purchase # 9 & 10

Withnail & I was Purchase # 9.  This was purchased via Ebay and is an Out of Print film, though I was able to buy a new, unused copy.

Withnail & I

Another Barnes & Noble 50% sale and Purchase # 10 was made adding more Criterion’s to my collection.  This also meant another beating given to my bank account 🙂

My first Eclipse Series box set

Larisa Shepitko

A  double Bergman classic

Autumn Sonata

A man who wants a new life


And a Cold War thriller


Remember to look out for my reviews in the coming days/weeks/months as I make my way through my Collection.

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