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Purchase # 11, 12, 13 & 14

I really thought that I had already published Purchases 11 and 12.  Obviously that was incorrect so here they are, along with # 13 & 14 which I have also made.

Around the Christmas period Cineplex Store had a great deal on offer for Canadian customers.  Not only were the DVD’s & Blu-rays discounted, if you spent $15 or more you received a free movie ticket.  I always have Criterions waiting to be bought so in order to maximise the free cinema tickets I placed 2 separate orders.

Purchase # 11 was the Stanley Kubrick anti-war classic, Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory

Purchase # 12 followed a few days later and again I bought a title from a legendary Director, this time Japanese master, Ozu.  The film, family drama Early Summer

Early Summer

A few months went by before I made purchase #13.  As they did in October last year, Criterion held another 24 hour “Flash Sale” on their website.  My “Wish List” was consulted and I purchased the following:

Louis Malle’s debut

Elevator to The Gallows

The winner of this years Oscar for Best Foreign Film

The Great Beauty

Sibling drama set on a French country estate

Summer Hours

Kieślowski’s international breakthrough


There is a story to tell about the order from Criterion.  As a bonus this year they were going to post 20 Golden Tickets into random orders with the prizes ranging from a free t-shirt to a trip to the Criterion Store room in New York.  As I had ordered The Great Beauty and it was not actually released until 25 March this meant that I had no chance of winning a ticket 😦 I enquired with Criterion and they confirmed that I would not be winning a ticket.  As a gesture of goodwill they gave me a $10 gift voucher towards my next purchase, a lovely token that will come in useful.

My final purchase comes from a company I never used before, Deep Discount, I have though read reviews from people who have used them to make purchases.  Usually their prices are not as good as the 50% offered by the Barnes & Noble sales and occasionally Amazon.  When I add on the shipping charges to Canada it is usually not worth ordering.  However, on “Tax Day” 15 April they offered 15% off their prices.  Quite a few Criterions were already discounted so when I added the additional saving the prices came to 50% or more off.  The next Barnes & Noble sale is not due until July so I thought that I may as well take advantage.  This is what I bought from Deep Discount:

The Klondike classic

The Gold Rush

The on-the-run assassin

Branded To Kill

Great Depression survival story

King of The Hill

A Brother & Sister story in a haunted house

The Uninvited

I will now give my credit card a rest until the next 50% Barnes & Noble sale which will hopefully be some time in July.  Meanwhile, keep checking for my reviews, there will be a new one soon.

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