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Criterion Collection Purchase # 6, 7 & 8

on October 1, 2013

Please excuse my lack of updates for this Blog.  I have recently been distracted by the Toronto International Film Festival.  You can read all about what I saw and my reviews on my Art Blog –

Back to Criterion and I have condensed all my remaining purchases into this one post.

First up is a film I have already reviewed, the WC Fields classic, The Bank Dick This is an Out Of Print title that I bought via Amazon.

The Bank Dick

The next day I bought another Out Of Print title, this time from Ebay.  The film is Mafioso


My final purchase has been made today, October 1.  The Criterion website held a 24 hour “flash sale”.  As I mentioned during Purchase #5, I had to cancel an order from Barnes & Noble.  I used this flash sale to reorder L’enfance Neu.

L'enfance neu

A film that was spoken very highly of during the Barnes & Noble sale was The Ice Storm, so this was added to my list and today, the shopping cart.

The Ice Storm

Final purchase of the day was a film that focuses on a true story and one of my other hobbies, photography. The film is Everlasting Moments.

Everlasting Moments


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