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The Bank Dick – Review # 8

on September 4, 2013

The Bank Dick

Spine #78

Available on DVD

Special Features:

  • New, restored high-definition digital transfer
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearingNew cover by Terry Koppel

Please note that whilst I try to not give away vital plot details/scenes/developments of the film, some reviews may contain mild spoilers.


I must admit, the title of the film was a little startling when I first saw it on the Criterion website.  On further reading I now know that, around the time of film’s production, the word dick was a slang word for detective.

To the film itself.  The central character immediately reminded me of another leading male with a family of women who torment him, Henry Hobson of Hobson’s Choice fame.  Like Hobson, Egbert Sousè (accent grave over the e) is the only man in the household and again, like Hobson, is henpecked and largely ridiculed by the female members of the family.  He also has a curious relationship with his young Daughter Myrtle, she likes to throw items at her Father, he likes to go and give her a clip her around the ear!

Egbert Sousè is unemployed, unless you can class frequenting the Black Pussy Cat bar and drinking, to the point of forgetting he was actually there, as a job.  During the early part of the film we see Sousè make attempts to help people.  From this we find out that he is neither a car mechanic nor a film director.  Due to set of bizarre and frankly ridiculous events we find that he is actually an accidental hero and from that point, a bank dick.

With the new found fame comes a host of new problems for our lovable Egbert.  His family start to like him, especially Myrtle, his Son-in-Law in waiting becomes a victim of a dodgy bonds deal, after embezzling his employers and the bank is robbed.  This all makes the job an eventful one for our hero, but fear not, he rises to the occasion.

Before finding this film I was unaware of W.C. Fields.  After watching and enjoying The Bank Dick, I have added other films from this very talented actor/comedian to my watch list.  If you happen across this film I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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